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As you read this, a calf is being born at a dairy farm. He or she will be pulled away from his mother shortly after birth, never to see her again. If the calf is a male, he’ll be allowed to live at most a year and a half, possibly only a day or two. If the calf is a female, she’ll follow her mother’s fate and become a prisoner of the dairy industry.

As a result of years of genetic manipulation, dairy cows are forced to produce huge, unnatural volumes of milk; they are killed when they can’t produce enough. They’re impregnated as often as possible, so they’ll lactate as much as possible, and their babies are stolen from them. If they live on factory farms, as is the case for most dairy cows in the U.S. and an increasing number of cows elsewhere, they may never graze on pasture; instead their short lives will be on dirt or concrete. Dairy Cow Diary provides a voice for these cows—unique and gentle beings who are turned into disposable milk machines.

As the name of the blog implies, we will provide regular dispatches, in the form of diary entries, that represent the daily lives and traumatic experiences of the millions of cows owned and killed by the dairy industry.

Our primary focus is on factory farms, where most dairy cows in the U.S. and many other countries spend their lives, and which generate the vast majority of dairy products in those countries. But we also remind readers of inherent cruelties throughout the dairy industry, such as forcing dairy cows—through years of intensive breeding—to grossly overproduce milk, stealing their babies from them, sentencing some male calves to horrid veal pens, and killing practically all the cows at young adulthood or earlier.

The site will include plenty of supplemental material detailing the suffering and misery inflicted on cows by the dairy industry, and the negative impacts of dairy consumption on human health. No, consuming dairy will not help your bones. But it may increase your risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other diseases and afflictions. We will provide a wealth of information about the many associated health risks of dairy consumption.

By debunking the dairy industry’s image of “happy” cows and nutritious milk, and through heightened awareness and education, we hope to change consumer perceptions so that more and more people will be inspired to make ethical and compassionate food choices—and ditch dairy. We’ll help you do that in a rewarding way, with delicious nondairy recipes, and links to thousands more. Also be sure to read our ever-expanding nondairy food guide.

Dairy Cow Diary is now available in two different formats: this blog and DairyCowDiary on twitter.

We encourage you to spread the word about DairyCowDiary. The media is flooded with pro-dairy propaganda from the powerful, well-connected dairy industry, so it can continue to exploit and kill young cows for profit. We speak for the cows, who have no rights and scant legal protections; help us be their voice.

With appreciation to all Dairy Cow Diary friends,
The cows of DairyCowDiary.

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