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Meet the Cows

2731 – two-year old cow at a huge outdoor dry-lot dairy factory farm in the Southwest US.

119 – male calf, slightly over a year old, in the UK, being sent to slaughter. Some parts of his story are based on Animal Aid undercover video of three random UK slaughterhouses. Killed in 2010.

3473 – lives in a Midwest factory farm where she is tightly confined atop concrete flooring and often subjected to the hot tempers of brutish workers. Currently she is pregnant for the third time.

2010 – female calf, stolen from mother at birth and put in holding pen. Still there, trying to figure out what’s going on, where her mother is, and how to get out of the pen. Trying to understand the sights and noises going on around her. Hurt her leg trying to kick her way out of the pen. Worker laughed at her. At one year of age, ovulation testing will begin on her.

7573 – dairy cow, a couple years old, tired, worn out but still desperately wondering, worrying about her babies. Her story line is long and drawn out and she has just been on the rape rack again.

Bushway Packing investigation: it’s been covered bit by bit, from the perspective of whichever calf is being shown on the video at that point

3829 – cow who just gave birth for the first time.  She lives on a relatively “humane” farm, where the humans have responded to more of her needs than is usually done on dairy farms (e.g., bringing her calf over to her so she would let them milk her), but she is still aware of some injustice.  Was feeling inspired to possibly escape, but now depressed.

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